Concepts and Outline Report

The initial Concepts and Outline Report is now available for review. This report summarizes the consultant team’s initial recommendations regarding the general scope and direction of the Westchester zoning ordinance update. It includes a series of proposed concepts to guide the substance, format and organization of the updated ordinance.

Help rank preferred building types and styles for mixed-use areas

We’re interested in your opinion about the types and forms of new buildings you think would best fit along areas of Roosevelt Road, Mannheim Road, the intersection of Westchester and Canterbury and the Jewel store site at the northwest corner of Cermak and Mannheim. The four files below all show the study area and then show a variety of building types that may or may not be suitable as these areas eventually redevelop. RooseveltRoadImagePreferenceSurvey Westchester-CanterburyImagePreferenceSurvey MannheimRoadImagePreferenceSurvey ProposedTownCenterCermak-MannheimImagePreferenceSurvey There are no actual plans for development of these areas at this time. We’re simply asking folks to rank their top 3 buildingRead More

Project Steering Committee

The following individuals currently serve on the zoning ordinance update steering committee: Tom Yurkovich, Village Board Paul Gattuso, Village Board Neil James, Plan Commission John Hansen, Zoning Board of Appeals James Sarno, Zoning Board of Appeals James “Pete” Walter, Zoning Board of Appeals Melissa Headley, Community Development Director